Mari sejenak seduh kopimu, atau relakan beberapa rupiahmu untuk scangkir kopi, lalu ambil kertas dan pena, dan mari menulis.

menulis apa saja. tentang apa saja.


Secangkir kopi pagi, di tepi danau Ranau


I’m civil engineer 8-5 on weekdays, working for engineering company in Jakarta. In the field, I’m interested in structural, geotechnical, and management. To see my work in this field, please visit:

Occasionally I post in KOMPASIANA and MEDIUM. I also write some personal stuff on MATA BERCERITA and my some selected photograph and quotes on KERE. Some selected news I love, I clipped them on MY CLIPPING. I tweet at @tomialf.

Happy writing !!

  1. fitriza romly said:

    salam kenal bang ๐Ÿ™‚
    follback yaa

    • Hastomi said:

      Salam kenal juga Fitriza,, mari menulis..

      • fitriza romly said:

        ah iya kakaknya ๐Ÿ™‚

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