Taisho pond is a beautiful pond in Kamikochi, Nagano Prefecture.

We went there on still too cold of May. We took Nagano Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Nagano Station. We transferred to JR Shinonoi Line then drop by Matsumoto station. From Matsumoto station we took Matsumoto Electric Railway to Shin-Shimashima Station.

Matsumoto Line, the train consists only of two cars and operated by single person. The train passed villages, forest and farm fields. It was amazing. Japan build railway to connect cities to its very rural area. We enjoyed the surrounding, because at there, time passed slowly unlike Tokyo.

From Shin-Shimashima station, we continued by taking bus ride to Kamikochi. Though we did many transfer, and took half of day to reach, we enjoyed every single part of the way to Kamikochi. While we were in Matsumoto, we took short walk to local temple, which is artistry. Matsumoto itself was a nice small town to walk down. I should write another post about it.

The bus moved with leisurely pace, down the up and down winding roadway, side of cliff. I thought  Kamikochi is located in main stream of enormous river. I saw several big dam on the way of bus ride.

It was just passed the noon when we arrived Taisho Pond. The breeze still cold there, although it was May already. We planned to hike as the brochure suggest. It should not more than three hours to hike along the trail.

We starved (I always) and took lunch on shore of the pond (it was simple sushi, beef bulgogi and salad prepared by Adin). We opened the sheet on the ground, took a relaxed sit and started eating. After water down the food, we get to rest room nearby. After relaxed, we prayed.

Then we walked along side of the pond, and followed narrow footpath through the wood. The wood is not so deep, and the trail is clear and easy to step. There was a scenic pond in there named Toshiro pond. It was only small one, with narrow water, but the color was kind of different. It had special aura, and such aura cannot catch up by camera. After short rest, we continued down the trail.

Escaped from wood, we found ourselves at footpath side of Azusa River. The river is wide, the stream is lovely, with Alps as background, and the water is total clean and cold as ice (unfortunately swimming was prohibited). We took a sit on ground, enjoying the surrounding. We let the sound of stream through our mind, eyes gazing at Alps at far.

As Adin recalled the moment months later, “There was a time, we were playing and having fun inside painting”. That is the precise description of the moment we were in Kamikochi.

Taisho Pond, from where we took lunch

Taisho Pond, from where we took lunch

Taisho Pond, from other angle

Taisho Pond, from other angle


After Lunch

Azusa river with Alps at far

Azusa river with Alps at far

Playing inside painting

Playing inside painting

at the end of the trail

at the end of the trail

*all the photograph taken by Canon G12


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