Talking about cooking, here list of cooking I’ve done:

– Spaghetti

– Lasagna

*those Italian food are pretty easy to cook, instead of Indonesian

– Rawon (under Adin supervisory). The taste 99% depends on quality of kluwek.

– Nasi Goreng (my nasi goreng has been my family’s favorite)

– Pancake (Adin’s favorite breakfast during pregnancy)

– Pisang Goreng (the key of successful pisgor lies in the quality of banana and the balance between salt and sugar in admixture)

– Oseng Kangkung (been my father-in-law’s favorite)

Tonight I’m going to cook macaroni schotle, yeah. I consider cooking is one way to release some stress, instead of smoking.

Enjoy cooking!

1 comment
  1. calon chef nih, buka kedai makan, tom…

    wah, tiap pagi adin dapet sarapan spesial panekuk dong, nyummy…

    upload resep2nya juga dong….

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