My last post in English was last year, talks about Dan Brown’s book, ‘The Lost Symbol”. Honestly, my previous blog was dedicated for my writing in English, but apparently the mood went away and then I wrote in Indonesia. Not too bad, the positive point is I keep writing.

I have been almost 3 month spending my life in this little town, Cepu. A month alone and then my wife Adin come accompany me here. Cepu is just a little town, it is one of kecamatan in kabupaten Blora, Jawa Tengah.

I guess many people know Cepu, the town that famous with its oil and gas reserve. This place is very dusty. If you take a ride with your motorcycle, you must wear a fullface helmet, or at least a mask. The land is dominantly dusty sand and it rain rare here. The weather is very-very hot. I bet you wont withstand to stay more than 15 minutes outside under Cepu daylight, except you are paid for it, like me.

I’m here for work indeed. My company sent me here to join project here. Cepu’s oil had run out but there are still several old gas reserve. My company is to build the plant to collect gas from those old well, so that gas can be sold. The client of this project is goverment oil company.

My Days here is full of work. Shuttle pick me on 6 morning, and back home at 5 afternoon normally, but often work overtime and back home at 7-8 pm. Lucky me, I have a very lovely patient wife waiting me in may flat.

Not a real flat, it is just a 3 x 3 meters room, with a little paviliun in front of it. I buy a little stove and put it in the pavillion. There is a bathroom inside, and a desk, a bad, a TV and refrigator. Room is a little crowded but you wont care if you live with your beloved wife. Adin cook for me, sometime I cook for her. Life is very simple here.

Our Room

In this little town We start our journey, long-long journey. I hope Allah always bless us with his rahmat, Aamiin. 🙂

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